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As a zoned and planned community, Roaming Shores Village vigorously enforces housing and property standards. All permanent structures must apply and receive an approved zoning permit. We are committed to bringing all past, present and future construction projects into full zoning compliance. Our complete codified ordinances and zoning application forms are provided on this site for your use.

Kevin Grippi: Zoning Inspector
(Monday, Wednesday morning until 1pm, and Friday)

Zoning Applications are processed on Friday morning
The Planning Commission meets the first Wednesday of every month @ 7:00pm

Zoning & Building Documents

One-Page Zoning “Rap” Sheets

New Structure Point System Worksheets

Permit Applications

Sea Wall & Rip-Rap Projects:
Required U.S. Corp of Engineer Permit Application and Standards



Other Zoning

Zoning Maps

Home Improvement Funding

After a zoning permit is secured from the village a building permit must then be acquired from the Ashtabula County Building Department. As a general rule if a deck is to be attached to a home it will require a building permit.

Ashtabula County Building Department

Ashtabula County Residential Submittal Packet

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