Location Address Only: 2565 Rome Rock Creek Rd.

Water or sewer problem?

Please call us first to determine if the problem is ours or yours.
Village Hall: 563-3132
Utility Department: 563-3146
Utility Supervisor: 474-2302

Lift station alarms and red lights

Call the utility department supervisor, Victor Virmala, at 474-2302 if you see or hear a light or alarm. Each station site is identified with a number (e.g., 3E)

In the event of a Power Outage, call First Energy: 1-888-544-4877 **A 24-hour notice is required for a sewer and water tap-in to be performed by village employees.**Please do not hesitate to call the Utility Office if you have a question or concern.

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As a newer municipality the village is blessed with ownership of its own public water company as well as a modern waste water treatment plant. However, as an expansive lakefront village whose municipal limits were drawn to accommodate varied property elevations, coves, islands, streams, green space and recreation amenities, many challenges exist. These issues make maintaining over 15 miles of a sanitary sewer collection system, 28 lift stations and 27 miles of water line an ongoing affair.

Residents who winter elsewhere are encouraged to notify the village in order to have their water turned off at the street. This will not eliminate the minimum available for use water fee. But it will prevent possible flooding of your home if a water line breaks. Also, contractor’s need to know digging for water and sewer lines is NOT permitted on the weekends. And, construction activities in general can not commence until 8:00 a.m.


Utility Personnel

Vic Virmala Arthur Heavner
Victor Virmala
Department Superintendent
Cell: (440) 474-2302
Gabe McVey
Cell: (440) 474-2376
Arthur Heavner
Cell: (440) 344-0760


2015 Water/Sewer Rates

Water: $6.50/1000 gallons
Sewer: $11.00/1000 gallons
Water & sewer: $72.00 every two months for zero use (with a home)
Vacant lot: $27.00 every two months

Setup Auto Pay

Are you tired of writing out a check to pay your water/sewer bill? Would you like to have your water/sewer bill debited from your account? We now have the technology to help simplify your life. Please call the Village office and ask for an Authorization for Auto Pay form be sent to you. Complete the form and include a VOIDED check, and leave the worry to us. You would continue to receive a bill on the 15th of the billing month showing the amount due so that you could subtract it in your checking account register. It simple and almost pain-free, plus you save on the cost of a stamp. If you have any questions, please call or email Leeann Moses, Clerk-Treasurer at the Village office 563-3132 or Download Form and Print Form Here.

Stop Sewage Backups and Smells

Clean Check imageAfter years of experimentation with different name brands and various styles of backwater valves, the village utility department has determined the very best option for Roaming Shores residents to prevent sewer backups is the installation of a high-quality and dependable unit manufactured by either Rectorseal Clean Check® (www.rectorseal.com) or Mainline Straight-Fit™ (www.backwatervalve.com) and locally distributed by A. Louis Supply or Active Plumbing in Ashtabula or other reputable commercial plumbing supply houses. The cost for the valve body, vent stack and top collar is roughly $500-$650. Please be extremely wary of contractors and excavators who may choose to install a less expensive and far inferior valve that can be purchased at one of the big box stores. In the case of back water valves you will truly get what you pay for!

Click here to learn more about these valves.

Thermometer Exchange Program

Older mercury-style thermometers may be exchanged for new digital medical thermometers at the Village Hall at no cost. The purpose of the program is to help eliminate any possible mercury contamination from entering our waste water collection system.


Tour of the Wastewater Plant