Did you know?
The Village of Roaming Shores (Hayford Rd.) sells Orange Bags.

What are Orange Bags?
They are an alternate way to dispose of garage through Waste Management. Instead of paying for monthly garage pickup, you purchase Orange Bags ($15 for 5 bags, from the Village Hall).
On garbage day, you set out your Orange Bag just like you would normal garbage and Waste Management will pick it up. This service is ideal for households who only produce a bag or two (or less) of garbage per week.

How do I sign up?

  1. Call Waste Management at (800) 343-6047 to set up the pickup of your bag on the correct service day.
  2. Have your bag out by 4am.
  3. The bag service only includes what is in the bag, no extras will be taken.
  4. Please limit the weight to 50lbs.
  5. All bag must be closed.

The Orange Bag program may be available in your area, too. Call Waste Management for details.