Through 2019, FirstEnergy Solutions is the exclusive electric supplier for the NOPEC aggregation program, which includes the Village of Roaming Shores. Together, NOPEC and FirstEnergy Solutions provide discounts on electric generation to residents and small businesses throughout Northeast Ohio.


For Roaming Shores residents who have not “opted out” of, NOPEC, FirstEnergy Solutions provides a guaranteed savings on their electric generation. These discounts are based on the Price to Compare which is the price a customer would be charged if they purchased directly from their electric utility. The NOPEC and FirstEnergy Solutions price is a 6% discount off of this Price to Compare for residents and a 4% discount off this price to compare for small businesses (those with less than 199 kW). If you have questions on NOPEC’s guaranteed percent off savings program, please call 1-800-636-2010 or


NOPEC is a long standing provider of natural gas and electricity in Northeast Ohio and the Village of Roaming Shores with more than 14 years’ experience serving our community members.

  • Established in 2000 as a public not-for profit council of government run by the members – serving their constituents in their communities.
  • 280,000 natural gas residential and small commercial customers and growing
  • 500,000 electric residential and small commercial customers and growing
  • 14 years’ experience as a natural gas and electric governmental aggregator.
  • Largest governmental aggregator in the country using bulk buying power to negotiate consistently competitive, best in class long-term prices, terms and conditions and representation for our members.
  • Currently have more than 134 members serving over 174 communities in 10 counties and growing in northern Ohio.


NOPEC has saved the Village of Roaming Shores residents and small commercial customers more than $226,494 dollars in electric savings and has contributed $50,000 to the community, via the Power Our Community Grants, which allowed the Village to upgrade their Waste Water Lift Stations.


Earlier this year, FES announced that it was exiting the retail market, however, they will continue to supply electricity to customers in Roaming Shores until December 31, 2019.  Do not let other suppliers tell you otherwise; NOPEC has a strong relationship with FES, and we will continue to offer the 6% residential and 4% commercial off products – plus, NOPEC’s General Assembly has approved to continue the additional 1% off.  Their percentage off products continue to perform better than expected, however, if you would like more choice you can find a fixed 3-year product and an “All Green” product.  For more information, you can check out pricing pages on the NOPEC site.  You can switch to any NOPEC products without being charged an early termination fee.


But NOPEC doesn’t stop there, they know customers are using more energy than ever and seeing their energy bills increase.  Your energy bills are not increasing because your price is going up, but because your usage has steadily increased over the years.  New computers, Ipad, smart phones, TV in every room, etc. you have become an energy hog and you didn’t even realize.  Technology is here to stay, but there are still ways you can decrease (or stabilize) your energy usage. NOPEC has launched the Home Sweet Energy Home” tip house to help you, season-to-season, find ways to save energy.  Take a look, then sign up for MyNOPEC where you can manage your energy use, buy energy efficient products at a discount and win prizes and rewards for lower your energy footprint. Sign up today and receive a $10 voucher just for linking your electric account.NOPEC_Chuck_Standees_Winter


So what makes NOPEC different than those suppliers knocking on your door and sending you “cheap” energy flyers?  NOPEC is a partner with the Village of Roaming Shores – your community leaders are involved in making decisions at NOPEC. They are not just a supplier of energy, but are your energy expert and your voice in the government.  They have representation at the state and federal level that are advocating, on behalf of the communities we serve, to keep the energy market fair and in the best interest of the consumer.  NOPEC never aims to be the lowest cost provider, but they aim to be reliable, stable and most of the time in the bottom 10% in pricing.


How did Roaming Shores become a member of NOPEC?  View our new animated video

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