Roaming Rock Shores Lake is located in Ashtabula County, approximately 0.4 mile upstream of the Village of Rock Creek and controls a drainage area of 73.5 square miles. Water from the 550-acre lake is impounded by a 45-foot-high, 730-foot-long earth fill dam constructed in 1967 by Koski Construction of Ashtabula, Ohio.

The outlet works consists of a principal auxiliary and emergency spillway, as well as a 36 inch lake drain. The principal spillway is a 180-foot concrete ogee weir with a crest elevation of 850.0, corresponding to 6,091-acre-feet of storages. The auxiliary spillway is a 110-foot concrete ogee spillway located on the right end of the embankment with a crest elevation of 852.0, corresponding to 7,200-acre-feet of storage. The emergency spillway is an 80-foot-wide open channel located to the right of the auxiliary spillway, with a crest elevation of 854.0, and corresponding 8,300-acre-feet- of storage. The top of the dam is at 861.0 with a capacity of 120,000-acre feet of storage. The outflow discharges into Rock Creek and flows 2.4 miles before joining the Grand River.

The dam is classified as a Class I dam due to the potential downstream hazards under probable maximum flood (PMF) conditions, which is most severe combination of critical meteorological and hydrologic conditions reasonably possible in the region.