RSV Compost Site Sign

All village residents enjoy benefits related to a community compost site located on State Route 6 and Dodge Road near the Lake Vue Drive entrance.

Established in 1998 under the leadership of former Mayor Joe B. Strong and Village Administrator Rawley Ross as a Class IV Composting Facility, the site is both registered with and monitored by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The 48.336 acre location provides a free place where only village residents may both dispose of their yard waste and also take wood chips and mulch for landscaping purposes. No trees, branches or stumps from lot clearing operations are allowed to be disposed of at the site.

Also, the compost site may only be accessed by landscapers or contractors on behalf of a client in Roaming Shores. If this policy is violated the perpetrator may risk being banned from doing business in the village for a minimum of one year.

Compost Site Compost Site