Hydrant Flushing

The Village of Roaming Shores Utility Dept will be flushing hydrants this week.

Tuesday, June 7th: Forman Rd – North side
Wednesday, June 8th: East side
Thursday, June 9th: West side

Therefore, during the day, in effected neighborhoods, water pressure may be less than what is typical.

2016 Expo and Cleanup Day Recap

Thank you to all of the vendors and visitors who came out for Expo ’16. The event was once again a resounding success.

A big thanks to volunteers who helped out with both the Cleanup Day and the Expo!

Annual Cleanup Day and Expo ’16


Mark your Calendars! May 7th will be the day of the Annual Roaming Shores Cleanup Day as well as Expo ’16 at the Clubhouse.

The Cleanup day is your opportunity to get rid of your “unusables”. Goodwill will again be present to accept donations and provide tax-deductible receipts. This event is FREE to residents of Roaming Shores Village. There is NO LIMIT on loads, however, no commercial or landscaping vehicles will be allowed.

Unacceptable items include tires, refrigerated appliances, batteries, barrels or drums, bullets or shells, commercial waste, dirt, rocks, bricks, tree stumps, combustible materials, liquid and hazardous waste, toxic materials, paint cans, yard waste, food waste and gas cylinders

Expo ’16

After you’ve finished up with Cleanup Day, stop by the Clubhouse between 9am and 1pm for Expo ’16. The Expo is your opportunity to meet with local businesses one-on-one.

Expo ’16 Exhibitor and Vendor Registration Packet.

The following businesses have already signed up for the event:
1. Bob Gregory-Howard Hanna
2. Young Living Essential Oils
3. Storage Buildings Unlimited
4. The Pasta Oven
5. Weedman Lawn Care
6. Rome Rock Marina
7. Ziegler Heating Co.
8. Glenbeigh
9. Comfort Keepers
10. Country Neighbor
11. Vector Security
12. C & L Lawncare
13. Grand Valley Insurance
14. Chestnut Homes
15. GOTL Lakehouse Inn & Winery
16. Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
17. PermaGro
18. Exit Now Realty / Crandall Connection
19. Cherry Valley Furniture
20. ACMC –Diabetes Testing
21. Valley Garden (7C)
22. Coffee Creek Estates
23. N.O.P.E.C.
24. Hoffman Quality Painting & Trades
25. Great Lakes Rigging
26. Prentice Emergency Plumbing
27. Infinity Resources, Inc.
28. Donald Sanzo Painting
29. Title Professionals
30. Wollam –Grand Valley Insurance

Exhibitor's row

Morning Star Project

Submitted by: Mayor John L. Ball

Phase 2 of the Morning Star repaving project will begin on February 25 2016 with the delivery of material and equipment. The contractor plans to work four 10 hr. days (Monday thru Thursday). If they are unable to work due to weather, Friday will become a makeup day. They have been instructed to start no earlier than 8am and work no later than 6pm. I have lifted the road ban for this project only. The contractor will only enter and exit Morning Star at the Knowlton entrance. The work at this time will consist of the upgrading of drainage. As the weather warms and the asphalt plants reopen the paving of this section will be performed.

I ask that our residents exercise caution in this area and be considerate of the workers.

Curbside Recycling Expensive

Waste Management recently informed the village that due to a plummeting worldwide commodities market, curbside recycling is no longer a cost neutral proposition for Roaming Shores. If curbside recycling was to be made available, at this time, it would require the solid waste hauling fee per residence to increase by more than 50% and a reduction of overall services (e.g., no orange bags). With that sobering news, the village will not subscribe to curbside recycling until the markets rebound and costs are lower.

Halloween in Roaming Shores

Trick-or-Treating in Roaming Shores will be on Halloween, Saturday. October 31st from 5pm to 7pm.


After Trick-or-Treating, stop by the Clubhouse for a Halloween Happening! There will be treats, refreshments, and hotdogs cooked by the Roaming Shores Police Department.

We also will be playing a Halloween movie. Come join us!


The Roaming Shores Village Council will host a public meeting on Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 7:00 p.m., 2500 Hayford Road, to discuss an ordinance regulating portable on-demand storage containers a.k.a., PODS. Time will be allotted for public comment.

Senator Visits


Ohio State Senator Capri Cafaro visited Roaming Shores last Wednesday to provide a constituent update. She reviewed her accomplishments over the last nine years with 15 inquisitive members of the Roaming Shores community and also discussed water quality issues plaguing Ohio. “It does not help we are part of the super highway for Canadian Geese,” stated the senator when referring to area lakes and streams that are often fouled by the fowl. Capri welcomed a suggestion from the audience to champion a resolution from the Ohio State Senate to the United States Senate, which would call for an end to the protected status for the Canada Goose. The meet and greet concluded with a barbeque pulled-pork luncheon prepared by Gabe Gullia, owner of Paradise Bay.

Roaming Shores Police LETF TASER Purchase

Left to Right: Roaming Shores Police Chief Randy Rasmussen and Ashtabula County Prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci.

Left to Right: Roaming Shores Police Chief Randy Rasmussen and Ashtabula County Prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci.

Nicholas Iarocci, Ashtabula County Prosecuting Attorney, is pleased to announce the recent donation made from the Ashtabula County Prosecutor’s Office Law Enforcement Trust Fund (LETF) to the Roaming Shores Police Department. The LETF contributed the sum of $1,420 toward the Roaming Shores Police Department’s purchase of a X26P TASER.

The LETF is comprised of the Prosecutor’s share of proceeds received from the court-ordered forfeiture of criminal assets (either monies forfeited or proceeds from the sale of forfeited assets) and mandatory drug fines.

A TASER is an electrical weapon utilized by law enforcement officers to incapacitate threatening subjects via an electrical charge that specifically targets a subject’s motor nerves that control his or her movement. This proprietary approach enhances the effectiveness of restraint while minimizing harm to law enforcement officers and subjects, providing an alternative far superior to firearms in many contexts.

Mr. Iarocci is proud that his office is able to financially assist the Roaming Shores Police Department in the purchase of this very important law enforcement tool.