3/14/17 All Meetings Cancelled Due to Weather

The RSV Safety Committee Meeting, the RSV Council Work Session, and the Joint RRA/RSV Meeting have all been cancelled this evening due to the winter storm that is currently affecting our region.

Be safe!

1/11/17 Power Outages in Roaming Shores

The high winds we experienced yesterday have lead to various residents around the Shores to be without power. Current estimates are for the power to be restored by 11pm today (1/11/17).

The Outages appear to only be affecting the East side. Fortunately, temperatures in the Shores should stay above freezing until tomorrow. If you are a snow bird or if Roaming Shores is your second home, you may want to consider having someone check on your house.

For updates, please follow the information provided by First Energy.

Holiday Garbage Service

As Christmas and New Year’s both fall on Sunday there will be no delay in garbage service. However, due to the spike in trash volume during the holidays, there will not be time to go back for those who are late setting out their garbage.

Fire Prevention Week

By: Chief Ed Koziol, President
Ashtabula County Fire Chief’s Association

Ashtabula County Fire Chief’s Association, State Fire Marshall asks “What can you do” to prevent fires?

Fire is everyone’s fight, and that’s why the Ashtabula County Fire Chief’s Association, in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal’s office, is asking Ohioans to think of one thing they can do to prevent or prepare for a fire.

The “What can you do?” social media campaign will highlight pledges to take action when it comes to fire safety. Fire officials throughout the state are encouraging Ohioans to take the pledge and post a photo on their social media accounts and use the hashtag #WhatCanYouDo or send it to your local fire department.

fire-prevention“We want to use this as a way to get everyone thinking about what they can do to be fire safe at home,” State Fire Marshal Larry L. Flowers said. “A proactive approach will help eliminate fire risks in your home, making you and your family safer.”

“It’s also important to make sure you’re prepared in the unfortunate case of a fire,” Chief Ed Koziol said. “Practicing your fire escape plan and making sure you have working smoke alarms in your home can help protect you if your home does catch fire.”

This campaign will kick off during Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2016. The national theme is “Don’t Wait – Check the Date!” which encourages everyone to check the manufacture date on their smoke alarms. If the date on your alarm is more than ten years ago, the entire unit needs to be replaced. Smoke alarms are less effective after ten years.

For more fire prevention information, please contact your local fire department or go to the State Fire Marshal’s website at

Water Main Break – Kingsville Way

Update: The water main has been repaired

A water main has broke in the area of Kingsville Way. As a result, the main valves will be shut off while repairs are made. Please spread the word.

The Village is working on repairing this problem. Thank you for your patience.

Power Outage Information

* Update – Power has been restored

A transformer has blown on the East side of the lake. As a result, wires are down and power is out for many residents. Pool 2 has been closed until power is restored.

The RRA maintenance department has coned off the area where the wires came down. Never approach downed wires!

For more information on the outage, including estimated time until power in restored, please click here.

Error in Shores News

On page 7 in August edition of the Shores News, the Police Report incorrectly states that Dave Bonfield was arrested. Please note that Dave Bonfield was the arresting officer.

Telecommunications Survey

surveyThe Village of Roaming Shores is considering bringing access to underground fiber optic telecommunications services to the village to provide Internet speeds up to 1Gigabit.

To assist the Village in understanding the need for this service, please complete the following survey.

Survey link:

Solicitation in the Shores

There have been reports of Solicitors in Roaming Shores going door-to-door selling meat.

In accordance with Village Ordinance 362 -03 -02, all individuals wishing to canvass or solicit within the residential boundaries of the Village of Roaming Shores must registered with the Clerk – Treasurer , provide the clerk with a copy of a valid driver’s license and pay a $15 required fee.

It is encouraged to not open your door for anyone you do not know. Solicitors should have a permit from the Village of Roaming Shores.

When in doubt, contact the Police Department.

Office: (440) 563-3135
Non-Emergency Dispatch: (440) 992-7174
Emergency: 911