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Notice: BZA Meeting 5-1-18

The Roaming Shores Village board of zoning appeals will meet 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 2500 Hayford Road, to review and consider approving a parking and traffic circulation plan for a planned office within the Roaming Shores Marina, 1 Marina Drive.

Volunteers Needed

Eager people with sturdy backs are being asked to volunteer and help with the Village’s annual cleanup, which will be held near the entrance to the clubhouse on Saturday, May 5, between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Volunteer’s will assist residents with unloading motor vehicles and trailers and transferring all manner of debris to large roll-off dumpsters. Gloves, snacks, beverages and a pizza lunch will be provided to all workers. This is the perfect way for children and grandchildren to give back to the community or, possibly, earn service credits for school. For more information, please contact Kevin at 563-5083 or

Lake Roaming Rock drowning victim identified

Gazette Newspapers

ROAMING SHORES – The body of Keegan Maple, 25, of Jefferson Township, was recovered near the dam area of Lake Roaming Rock in Roaming Shores Village on Saturday, March 10. 

The body was found by the Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team (ACWRT) during an underwater search around 5 p.m. Saturday, said Ashtabula County Coroner’s Office Investigator Keith Stewart. 

Shores Village Police Chief Will Roskos said, “We got a report verified by two local residents of seeing a person swimming in the lake at around 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 24. The Roaming Shores PD went to the area of Lark Court for the complaint of a person swimming, then the person disappeared several yards south of the dam. A number of county fire agencies and the county water rescue team did an exhaustive search of the area and revealed nothing.”

The agencies responding then included Morgan FD, South Central Ambulance District and fire departments from Geneva, Monroe, Rome, Saybrook, Sheffield and Wayne, plus the Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team and SCAD, Chief Roskos added.

“The county water rescue team did make other attempts to locate a body. Then on last Saturday, March 10, with the annual Polar Bear Plunge going on with them all here, the Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team undertook another search. They did find a body by the dam area of the lake. We never got any missing persons report here,” said Shore Village Police Chief Roskos.

Coroner’s Office Investigator Stewart was immediately called to the scene on Saturday by the ACWRT and Shores Village PD, said ACWRT team coordinator Ed Koziol.

The investigation is ongoing by our county coroner and Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office, said Koziol early this past Tuesday morning.

The drowning victim’s body was transported to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy and toxicology tests, Stewart told Gazette Newspapers this Tuesday, March 13.

“The victim (Maple) was fully clothed when found. A wallet with photo ID was also found on the body. We held up releasing the name of the person until all the family members were notified,” Stewart continued. “The water rescue team took their sonar equipment on Saturday when they were at the lake for the Polar Bear Plunge. They detected something by the dam area and sent a team underwater to retrieve the body.”

“The drowning victim did not live in the Shores area, but in Jefferson Township. The Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office is also part of the investigation,” Stewart added.

Investigator Stewart said at this stage, the investigation authorities have no idea why Maple swam into Lake Roaming Rock. The recreation lake is part of the Rome Rock Association, a private lake residential property owners association making up the Village of Roaming Shores.

“The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office is doing a toxicology report. It takes some weeks up to two months to get the report back, although we do get a preliminary report of their findings sooner. There also was no abandoned vehicle found in the nearby area of the lake community,” said Coroner’s Investigator Stewart.

Ashtabula County Sheriff William Johnson stated on March 13, “We are waiting (also) for the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office reports. I can comment that we were looking for Keegan Maple, and that’s all I can say now.”

The Gazette Newspapers published a report in the March 1st issue of The Shores News about a Shores resident spotting “someone swimming in the lake.” Shores Village Police Department received the report with an initial search by fire departments and SCAD, yielding no results at the time.

‘Do Not Knock’ Registry

Tired of Door-to-Door Solicitors?
Sign up for Roaming Shores Do Not Knock Registry

There has been a growing number of confusing and misleading energy offers affecting our community’s residents.  To prevent this, as well as other for-profit solicitors from interrupting you at home, The Village of Roaming Shores has partnered with the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) to provide you with the Do Not Knock Registry.

How does the Do Not Knock Registry work? Residents can sign up for the Do Not Knock Registry online at or by sending in a postage-paid Do Not Knock Registry postcard.  Postcards are available at the Village Hall.  Once you’ve signed up, your address will be listed on the registry and you will receive a Do Not Knock window cling to post near your front door.

When a for-profit solicitor comes to The Village of Roaming Shores to sell door-to-door, they must first request a permit from the community.  At that time, we will provide them with the Do Not Knock Registry listing addresses that they are not allowed to go to. 

What happens if a solicitor still knocks on your door? Ask what organization they are with.  Non-profit organizations like public schools or churches are not regulated by the same rules as for-profit solicitors.  The Do Not Knock Registry does not apply to non-profit organizations.

If you feel the solicitor is in violation of the Do Not Knock Registry, contact Roaming Shores Police or the Village Hall to report them.     

For more information about the Do Not Knock Registry provided by The Village of Roaming Shores and NOPEC, go to

In the Village of Roaming Shores, solicitors are required to have a permit.

RSPD News 3-12-18

On 02-24-2018 at approximately 14:12 the Roaming Shores Police Department was dispatched to the area of Lark Court for a suspicious activity complaint in reference to a male subject who had allegedly swam out into the Lake Roaming Rock and then disappeared. Arriving on scene and speaking with two independent witness officers were now able to confirm that a white male subject possibly in his mid 20’s had swum out into the lake and then disappeared several yards south of the dam. Upon the arrival of several different county fire agencies an exhaustive search of the area was conducted, revealing nothing.
Agencies who responded to the scene included:

  • Morgan Fire Department
  • South Central Ambulance
  • Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team
  • Geneva Fire Department
  • Monroe Fire Department
  • North West Ambulance
  • Rome Fire Department
  • Saybrook Fire Department
  • Sheffield Fire Department
  • Wayne Fire Department

On 03-10-2018 at approximately 17:00 a body was recovered from the dam area of Lake Roaming Rock by the Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team. No additional information will be available until an investigation is completed by the Ashtabula County Coroner’s Office.

Will Roskos
Chief of Police
Roaming Shores Police Department
2500 Hayford Road
Roaming Shores, Ohio 44084
440 563-3135

Notice from the RSV Utility Dept to residents:

Recently, the village utility department has encountered problems with several of the village’s sanitary sewer lift stations whose pumps have become snarled with so-called “flushable” wipes, requiring repeated visits for corrective maintenace in order to prevent wastewater backups.

The Roaming Shores Village Utility Department request residents refrain from flushing wet wipes, makeup wipes, baby wipes or any other wet towel or a moist towelette down their toilets.

Wet wipes, while labeled “flushable” by manufacturers, can clog internal plumbing as well as cause blockages and seize pumps in your municipal wastewater system. In addition to increasing maintenance and repair costs associated with operating the system, a more serious equipment failure could result in wastewater backups into homes.

Please dispose of wet wipes and moist towelettes in the trash. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter

Any questions can be addressed to Roaming Shores Village Utilities Superintendent Victor Virmala at (440) 563-3146 or (440) 474-2302.

Power Outage in Roaming Shores

North East Ohio was hit by a winter storm last night that brought with it high winds and heavy snow. As a result, several neighborhoods in the Shores experienced power outages and brown outs. As of this writing, there are a few homes without power. For current outage information, check the First Energy Storm Center.

If you need a place to warm up, the Clubhouse, Village Hall and RRA Office are open and have power.

Notice: Dam valve reopened

Due to the thawing ice and incoming precipitation, the dam’s valve was opened on 1/12/18.

Possible Burst Pipes – Check Homes

1/16/18 Update: 6 homes have been located. Despite this, it is suspected that there may be a couple more. One of the biggest indicators of burst pipes is condensation inside windows. If you suspect of problem, please call Vic at 440-474-2302.

The Village of Roaming Shores’ Utility Department is reporting an usually high usage of water. This is a typical indicator of a home that has had frozen pipes that have burst.

Weekenders and snowbirds, it is highly recommended that you contact a neighbor or local friend or family member to check your home. The Utility Dept is currently attempting to locate the source.

If your home did have pipes that burst, please contact Vic of the RSV Utility Dept.

Vic Virmala
Utility Department Superintendent
Cell: (440) 474-2302

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