Boil Alert Lifted – 9/26/17

The boil order issued for the following streets Dam view, Browning point, Rosewood, Willow brook, Trellis, Tupelo, and also Hayford rd and Shoreside on 9/25/17 has been lifted.

The bac-t sample came back from the lab negative. You can go back to using your water as normal.

Thank You
Utility Department Supervisor: Victor Virmala

Vic: 440-474-2302
Arthur: 440-344-0760


A boil order has been issued for the following streets:

  • Dam Vue Drive
  • Peninsula Place
  • Browning Point
  • Rosewood Place
  • Willow Brook Place
  • Trellis Place
  • Tupelo Drive
  • Hayford Road
  • The Shoreside.

You will be notified with further instruction, if required.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Victor Virmala, Utility Department Superintendent
Village of Roaming Shores