Public Comment Period on Draft Solid Waste Management Plan Update

The Ashtabula County Solid Waste Management District (District) is establishing a 30-day written comment period (September 4 – October 3, 2017) on the draft Solid Waste Management Plan Update (Plan Update) (Ohio Revised Code Section 3734.54). The District has prepared the draft Plan Update as required by Section 3734.54 of the Ohio Revised Code. The draft Plan Update includes a budget and fees to finance the Plan, a solid waste facility inventory, projections and strategies for reducing waste, facilities and programs to be used, an analysis of the progress made toward achieving state solid waste reduction goals, and District rules.

The District will continue its current disposal fee schedule, which is set at $2/ton for in-district waste, $4/ton for out-of-district, and $2/ton for out-of-state waste. In addition, in accordance with ORC 343.08, the District will levy a $4.75 charge on each improved parcel within the District beginning in 2018 to fund the new recycling transfer station, recycling drop-off program and HHW collection program.

This draft is an update to a previously approved solid waste plan. This Plan Update details existing programs including but not limited to drop-off recycling, scrap tire management, county office building and school recycling, education and awareness, community grants, health department assistance, the recycling transfer station, and commercial/industrial sector technical assistance activities.

New programs to be implemented during the 2018 to 2032 planning period include a community clean-up grant. Expansions/new initiatives are also planned for existing programs. Notable expansions include adding new sites to the drop-off program; approximately 18 should be operating by 2018. Additionally, the Recycling Transfer Station in Ashtabula is estimated to begin operations in 2017. Descriptions of each program and an implementation schedule are included in the Plan.

The draft Plan Update includes a demonstration of access to landfill capacity and determines there is more than fifteen years of capacity available to the District. Specifically, the Geneva Landfill has enough capacity to manage all of the waste generated in the District through 2032.

This draft Plan Update continues to authorize the Board of Commissioners to establish facility designations in accordance with Section 343.013 and 343.014 of the Ohio Revised Code. The District does not currently have facility designations and is not proposing to designate facilities during this planning period.

The draft Plan Update includes a detailed siting strategy for the submission and review of plans, specifications, and applications of the siting strategy to proposed solid waste facilities including the maximum feasible utilization and exemption of existing in-district facilities.

The draft Plan Update complies with State Plan Goal #1: Access to Waste Management Opportunities. The District shall provide access to recycling and waste minimization opportunities for municipal solid waste to its residents and businesses.

The District will hold a public hearing to obtain oral comments regarding the draft Plan Update on Thursday, October 5, at 10:00 a.m. at the District’s office, 25 W. Jefferson St., Jefferson, OH 44047. The District will accept written comments as required by Ohio Revised Code Section 3734.55 on the draft Plan Update from September 1, 2017 until September 30, 2017. Written comments should be sent to Ms. Janice Switzer, District Coordinator, 25 W. Jefferson St., Jefferson, OH 44047.

The draft Plan Update is available for review at the District’s office, 25 W. Jefferson St., Jefferson, OH 44047, during normal business hours and on the District website at Please call (440) 576-1530 with any questions about the Plan Update.